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About Us

We are a community campaign
We know that when everyday people in our communities come together and organise, amazing things can happen. Make Renting Fair is all about supporting and empowering renters to push for the changes they want to see in the NSW renting system.
Campaign partners:

The history of Make Renting Fair

Make Renting Fair NSW was launched in July 2017 to demand NSW government listen and act on the urgent need to improve security for renters. Initiated by the Tenants' Union of NSW, the campaign ask was simple: to remove no grounds evictions from NSW tenancy law.
Working together with over over 90 community organisations, unions and faith-based organisations Make Renting Fair has had some fantastic successes.
  • We got people and the media talking about the impact of unfair ‘no grounds’ evictions and the need to end them.
  • We raised the problem of ‘no grounds’ evictions directly with decision makers from across Parliament, with key political parties including NSW Labor and NSW Greens adopting a renters’ rights platform and committing to end 'no grounds' evictions.
  • We took action on social media, undertook targeted letter writing campaigns, and collaborated on a 2000+ people strong Town Hall Assembly with Sydney Alliance, Vinnies NSW and Everybody’s Home.
  • The future of Make Renting Fair

    We’re expanding our campaign priorities

    Ending no grounds evictions remains a priority. We will continue to actively campaign for this very necessary change. Going forward, we will also be campaigning on other issues we know are important to renters, including:

  • Addressing rental affordability and rent increases;
  • Improving minimum standards around things like accessibility and energy efficiency for rental homes; and
  • Allowing renters to make simple changes to their rental and basic decisions about their housing to make it really 'feel like a home' – like choosing to adopt a pet.
  • What about you?


    Have you experienced an unfair eviction? Have you had to go without essentials just to afford rent? Do you hold back from asking for repairs or feel constantly that your tenancy is at risk? Your story can help improve renting.


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